My Predictions for 2021

The coronavirus is NOT eradicated

Just this week two vaccine companies, Pfizer and Moderna, announced that they had passed the third phase of trials for their vaccines. Both companies reported an efficacy of greater than 94%. Meaning that the vaccine works for 94 out of 100 people. For a reference point, my understanding is that a typical flu vaccine has an efficacy of less than 70%.

Further stimulus

As we neared the election it seemed like any hope of a second round of stimulus started to dry up. At least temporarily. I suspect there were a few factors (political positioning, coronavirus cases were moderate, and many economic factors weren’t looking too bad) that played a role in that pause.

The stock market

I enjoy trading in the stock market. I’ve dabbled at it for years but got more serious about making regular investments this year. Over the last two months my portfolio is up 32%.

Plant-based diets keep trending

My wife has been a vegetarian for around fifteen years. When she first went to a plant-based diet the alternatives weren’t so great. That just isn’t the case anymore. In fact, my brother and sister-in-law has gone plant-based as well. While I am not a full-time vegetarian I have moved more toward a plant-based diet over the past few years to where about only one of every three meals involves meat.



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