Could the SBA run out of money?

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How far will $350B in SBA loans go?

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SBA loan approvals by guarantee program

So, could the SBA run out of cash?

If we simply assumed that a few of the other larger banks are seeing the same amount of volume then it isn’t a stretch to imagine that the SBA will run out of funds for the PPP program.

What happens if the SBA funs out of funding?

I also expect Congress to announce an increase to the total amount of available funds. Based on early demand I suspect we will see that announcement either this week or early next week.

By the way…

I am hearing that some banks and credit unions are not participating in the program or they are not processing PPP loans for non-clients.

If you need help finding a lender to work with reach out to me I have a vast network of lenders that are taking PPP applications that I would be happy to put you in touch with.

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I’m a former C-level banking exec. and 3x startup founder leading a corporate innovation/product team and have helped companies raise over $500M in funding.

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